Meet your producer


My name is Gary Conahan

I have been involved in music since i was a child. I started playing guitar seriously at 13. I have been in bands my whole life. Many different Genre's. 

Bands (I was in)

  • None Given (current band)

  • Phad (nu metal)

  • Dead II Me (lancaster pa nu metal)

  • Seven Revolutions (metalcore/hardcore)

  • A million drones (cock rock/hardrock)

  • Ive started recording seriously in 2001. I Had my first studio in 2006 here is a list of bands I've been lucky enough to work with in my career.


Bands/Artists Ive worked with


  • Black Letter Days

  • Tigerbomb

  • Fair trade

  • The U.S. Americans

  • Ace Augustine

  • Day Taunt

  • Vision and Color

  • Nobody on the road

  • Fake

  • None Given

  • Punktual

  • Jon Grube

  • Outlast the Echo

  • Corvette Summer

  • Electric Love

  • Almost Honest

  • She Pulled the trigger

  • Some kind of Jazz piano

  • Hidden Vision

  • DeerLord

  • Boorish

  • Aggressor ID